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Read Series: A Tea Shop Mystery

by Author Laura Childs


Shades of Earl Grey (2003)

Theo's friend, Delaine Dish is throwing an engagement party for her niece Camille and her fiance Captain Corey Buchanan, one of 'THE BUCHANAN'S' of Charleston. This is an elegant affair and the wedding ring is being displayed for the party because it is a piece of the Estate jewelery. Unfortunate...

Shades of Earl Grey (2003) by Laura Childs

Steeped in Evil (2014)

I have to admit that I liked Steeped in Evil better than the previous Sweet Tea Revenge. There were still the editing errors, but the mystery in Steeped was much better. I did know who done it very very early, but didn't know the why ... which was well done. Sorry I'm not being more specific, but...

Steeped in Evil (2014) by Laura Childs

Sweet Tea Revenge (2013)

I am new to the Tea Shop series and unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the book to introduce anyone to the series. while I certainly enjoyed this book there are some things that I couldn't quite understand. I am not sure how a tea shop owner has become the de facto private investigator of the...

Sweet Tea Revenge (2013) by Laura Childs

Agony of the Leaves (2000)

I've been complaining in that last couple books about the interesting Parker Scully, Theo's absentee boyfriend. Why don't we see more of him? Since he ends up the victim in this installment, we won't be seeing him again, that's for sure. And Theo has a new man. I'd like to warn him that her track...

Agony of the Leaves (2000) by Laura Childs

The Teaberry Strangler (2010)

This is number eleven in a mystery series. Theodosia runs a tea and cakes shop in Charleston, giving it a southern flavour. I liked some of the early books such as Death by Darjeeling and Shades of Earl Grey, but we might wonder why this lady is such a murder magnet.Daria who owns the nearby map...

The Teaberry Strangler (2010) by Laura Childs

Scones & Bones (2011)

Another outing with Theo and the gang results in a mystery that I didn't solve until about halfway through the book. Once again I am annoyed with the Parker Scully relationship. He barely appears in the novel and Theo seems to go on more "dates" with her older assistant, Drayton, than her current...

Scones & Bones (2011) by Laura Childs

Oolong Dead (2009)

While riding her horse in a race through the South Carolina Lowcountry, Theodosia Browning finds her arch nemesis, Abby Davis, dead. What's more, the victim's brother is Theodosia's old flame. Who'd have guessed they'd be reunited through cold-blooded murder? Theodosia's investigation takes her f...

Oolong Dead (2009) by Laura Childs