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Read Series: Alexa O'Brien, Huntress

by Author Trina M. Lee


Darker (2013)

I liked how this ended. It wasn't too heavy of an ending or too light. It had the right tone, which wasn't easy considering all that happened leading up to the last few pages of the book.Looking forward to book seven.Hopefully by then there won't be a comma after every "and", "but", and "or" that...

Darker (2013) by Trina M. Lee

Blonde & Blue (2011)

I downloaded this as a free book from Amazon. This series seems to parallel the Anita Blake series (incubus/ succubus vampire/werewolf triangle), but I'm happy to report, while similar, it retains unique aspects that manage to give this series a different feel. There is a good plot to books 1 thr...

Blonde & Blue (2011) by Trina M. Lee

Only Vampires Cry Blood (2010)

This story gets better with each book! I found that Lee grasped the art of emotional potrayl in this book as it was almost (emotionally) exhausting to read. Every time Alexa and Arys had a falling out - it happened twice in this book - I felt as if it were my own breakup! My heart broke! I'd be l...

Only Vampires Cry Blood (2010) by Trina M. Lee

The Wicked Kiss (2011)

I have mix feelings. I loved the 1st book. But after readong the 2nd book I felt confused and didnt understand some parts. I thought Alexa was selfish not choosing beteeen her lovers. But they came to a agreement and even had a threesome a few times. Which was a shocker. She is lucky to have to m...

The Wicked Kiss (2011) by Trina M. Lee

Once Bitten (2011)

One of the first super mixed up paranormal book I've read in a long time. While the world building was sort of non-existent, it didn't really need to be there. Throw in some vampires, werewolves, two hot male leads vying for the lead female's attention, and lots of actions scenes, and you've basi...

Once Bitten (2011) by Trina M. Lee