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Read Series: Alien Mate

by Author Eve Langlais


Alien Mate 2 (2010)

May finds a alien at work in the pool drowning, he does not swim since his planet is almost void of water, she saves him and takes him home knowing the military is looking for him.He tells her of his intent to find his mate. Which she finds out later is a military liut. looking for him to disect ...

Alien Mate 2 (2010) by Eve Langlais

Alien Mate (2010)

This is book 1 of Alien Mates . This was a story of a girl from Earth, Diana, who was kidnapped. Her kidnapper and new" leader" , Korea was her supposed mate. This was decked by an alien oracle. Well what self respecting Earth girl stand back and says " yes master " to an alien stranger? Oh yeah,...

Alien Mate (2010) by Eve Langlais