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Read Series: Bella Vista Chronicles

by Author Susan Wiggs


The Beekeeper's Ball (2014)

This started off like a romance novel - girl meets boy under inauspicious circumstances but you know they will end up together - and I was wondering why I had thought I wanted to read this book. Then, we got into the stories of the grandfather's life in Denmark during WW II when the Nazis were in...

The Beekeeper's Ball (2014) by Susan Wiggs

The Apple Orchard (2013)

THE APPLE ORCHARDSusan WiggsThis is a wonderful book about unknown family. Tess Delany makes her living returning stolen treasures to their rightful owner. Out of the blue, attorney, Dominic Rossi arrives to tell her the grandfather she never knew is in a coma, and she has been named to inherit h...

The Apple Orchard (2013) by Susan Wiggs