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Read Series: Birmingham

by Author Lisa Kleypas


Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995)

Fancy Free by Catherine AndersonSetting: Shady Corners: streets, church, ranch outside of townTheme: falling in love; overcoming self doubtsCharacters:Clint Rafferty: 27 years old; mother died 6 years ago; alcoholic father died 5 years ago; they lost that farm, and moved to homestead – he has car...

Three Weddings and a Kiss (1995) by Lisa Kleypas

A Season Beyond a Kiss (2000)

FINALLY!!!! JEFF GETS HIS OWN BOOK!We first met Jeff in Kathleens first book, The Flame and the Flower, as Brandon's lighthearted, loveable, devilish and charming younger brother. An immeadiate ally of Heather, Jeff often goaded his brother into reluctantly admitting and acknowledging his feeling...

A Season Beyond a Kiss (2000) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The Flame and the Flower (1972)

This is another book I could not put down...Before I get into the "actual" review I must say that this was the first book that ever introduced me to the historical romance world. I can never forget it and as we speak I smile, remembering the way I came upon it. My mother and I were in discussion ...

The Flame and the Flower (1972) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss