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Read Series: Bruno, Chief Of Police

by Author Martin Walker


Reiner Wein (2014)

Martin Walker's development of events and people in St Denis continues in masterly style. Although self-contained, The Resistance Man is best read in sequence, as the sixth of the Bruno series.Within the framework of a crime story, he author still finds room for serious exploration of human rel...

Reiner Wein (2014) by Martin Walker

Delikatessen (2011)

I keep reading these books in the hopes that one will tug at my heart the way that the Inspector Gamache novels did, but something always happens that diminishes my experience. This time, the end caused this book to lose one whole star. I'm sorry, I got through the foie gras stuff ok, but... Gigi...

Delikatessen (2011) by Martin Walker

The Dark Vinyard (2009)

Writing is formulaic. Pro: One gets a good idea of life in a small French town. Descriptions of meals, countryside, relationships.Con: Brono, the protagonist and police chief of the town (and only policeman) can do no wrong. He reminds me of the protagonist in Dick Francis' novels. Also, since he...

The Dark Vinyard (2009) by Martin Walker

Grand Cru (2009)

The first book in the series was in the box of books at one of my bookclubs when I first joined it. It was a favourite but I'd forgotten about it until it was mentioned at a recent meeting. So it was with delight that I discovered a couple more in the series at the local library. Some of the nost...

Grand Cru (2009) by Martin Walker

Bruno, Chef de police (2008)

I read a review of a book later in this series recently and liked the sound of it and so , as is my wont, I went back to the beginning of the series.I enjoyed the book very much and in reading it found that I learnt things about the divisions of the French police and what the responsibilities wer...

Bruno, Chef de police (2008) by Martin Walker