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Read Series: Christopher Paget

by Author Richard North Patterson


Degree of Guilt (1993)

I actually haven't read many legal thrillers. The one before this I remember best was Grisham's The Firm and the one I read just before this was Lescroart's Hard Evidence. Patterson has it all over Lescroart, who within a hundred pages showed he knew nothing of the law, completely losing credibil...

Degree of Guilt (1993) by Richard North Patterson

Eyes of a Child (1995)

I'm still trying to figure what the title had to do with how the story plays out. Elena, the child, witnesses and experiences horrible things, but her age - 6 years old - has most of the adults making pretzels out of themselves to contain her experiences and shape her life into normalcy, so much ...

Eyes of a Child (1995) by Richard North Patterson

The Lasko Tangent: A Novel (2014)

Leggere il primo libro di uno dei propri autori preferiti è sempre una sensazione particolare; quando poi il libro è in lingua originale, il tutto assume un'aura ancora più intrigante, dando l'impressione di essere ancora più vicino al narratore della vicenda.Nel mio caso l'acquisto di "The Lasko...

The Lasko Tangent: A Novel (2014) by Richard North Patterson