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Read Series: Civil War: 1861-1865, Western Theater

by Author Jeff Shaara


Smoke at Dawn (2014)

Jeff Shaara has shown himself a master of the Civil War novel in his latest book,The Smoke at Dawn. This third book in his Western Theatre series chronicles the reflections, decisions, and drama entangled with the lives of the leading figures of the Civil War. It’s the fall of 1863, and General G...

Smoke at Dawn (2014) by Jeff Shaara

A Chain of Thunder (2013)

In A Chain of Thunder, Jeff Shaara continues his series on the War in the West bringing us the campaign which opened the Mississippi and introduces us to some very interesting characters. Through his usual narrative, there comes some clarity which has left Civil War novices confused about the Vi...

A Chain of Thunder (2013) by Jeff Shaara

A Blaze of Glory (2012)

The focus here is on the battle of Shiloh, along the Tennessee River about 10 miles North of the Mississippi State Line. It was the first big battle in the Western Theater of the Civil War (basically, anything happening west of the Appalachian Mountains). The earlier engagements at Fort Henry and...

A Blaze of Glory (2012) by Jeff Shaara