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Read Series: Derek Strange And Terry Quinn

by Author George Pelecanos


Hard Revolution (2015)

If you want a crime thriller with a fast plot, lots of action and suspense, then this is not the novel for you. I rated it 3 for those reasons.But before you read my review, I would encourage you to read reviews by others who consider this book excellent... many more people seem to like this book...

Hard Revolution (2015) by George Pelecanos

Right as Rain (2015)

George Pelecanos has his fingerprints all over this book. He has written 16 books and Right As Rain is the ninth. In this book Derek Strange and Terry Quinn are introduced for what turns out to be a three book series. He published his first novel in 1992; Right As Rain was published in 2001. As y...

Right as Rain (2015) by George Pelecanos

Soul Circus (2004)

I ended up reading this entire book without realizing it was the third of a trilogy! I’m actually kind of upset that I did that, but I think it’s really awesome how Pelecanos made the book understandable to people like me who came across it and hadn’t read the first two. (In my defense, the resea...

Soul Circus (2004) by George Pelecanos

What It Was. George Pelecanos (2012)

Gritty hard-boiled mystery. Set in 1972, Derek Strange is a private investigator. He formerly was a DC cop and uses his connections to the force to help solve the case of a missing ring which is entwined with the murderous rampage of criminal Red Fury. The ring is a Macguffin in the story; the tr...

What It Was. George Pelecanos (2012) by George Pelecanos