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Read Series: Dismas Hardy

by Author John Lescroart


Dead Irish (2005)

Dismas Hardy is a former cop/former attorney-turned bartender. And he's quite content in this role as bartender at the Little Shamrock; it leaves him time to compete at darts. But, when Eddie Cochran, his boss's brother-in-law, apparently commits suicide and leaves his pregnant wife with no insur...

Dead Irish (2005) by John Lescroart

The First Law (2004)

BEWARE OF SPOILERS. I DON'T HIDE OR PROMOTE MY REVIEWS. (I write them mainly for myself -- to help me remember titles, authors' names, plots. Also, once I write a review, I find it easier to pass the book along instead of hoarding.)This book is a key installment in the lore of Dis Hardy and Abe G...

The First Law (2004) by John Lescroart

The Hearing (2002)

JoanneSep 01, 2010Joanne rated it 4 of 5 stars falsePolice discover the body of prominent attorney Elaine Wager dead in an alley, with her killer leaning over her. Or did they? DA Sharron Pratt, who has been soft on crime and needs help if she is to be re-elected, publicly announces that the kill...

The Hearing (2002) by John Lescroart

The Motive (2005)

Flames engulf a picturesque, renovated San Francisco Victorian in the opening pages of this mystery. The entire first chapter is a mesmerizing drama pitting the fire against wave after wave of arriving fire fighters. As the fire is contained but not yet totally extinguished, Arnie Becker, the lea...

The Motive (2005) by John Lescroart

The 13th Juror (2005)

The best short synopsis I read online: "The pressure is on for Dismas Hardy when an abused woman is accused of killing her husband and child in cold blood. Only Dismas believes she's innocent. However, faith alone won't be enough to save her unless Dismas takes one terrifying risk to keep her ali...

The 13th Juror (2005) by John Lescroart

The Second Chair (2004)

The master of the legal thriller delivers a brilliantly suspenseful novel of deadly secrets, privileged youth, and uncertain justice...Dismas Hardy is finally on top: As a managing partner at his thriving, newly reorganized law firm, he's a rainmaker and fix-it guy for clients leery of taking the...

The Second Chair (2004) by John Lescroart

The Mercy Rule (1999)

Another great legal procedural from JL. Dismas by this time has won two clients freedom from murder charges and is gaining quite a bull dog reputation. But he has promised Franny that he will do no more murder cases, strictly calm boring legal issues. But Dismas's life just doesn't work that way ...

The Mercy Rule (1999) by John Lescroart

The Oath (2003)

In The Oath by John Lescroart, multiple mysteries coalesce into a fascinating conundrum. When a “hit and run” driver hits the head of an HMO (probably one of the few occupations that would be despised more than a lawyer in our popular culture), it’s difficult to know whether the act was attempted...

The Oath (2003) by John Lescroart

Plague of Secrets, A (2009)

A Plague of Secrets by John Lescroart.Maya Townsend is a wealthy (very wealthy) owner of a coffee shop.Why she needs to be an owner of the Bay Beans coffee Shop did not become apparent.Maya becomes Hardy's client after a murder takes place close to the store. It does becomes apparent that Maya te...

Plague of Secrets, A (2009) by John Lescroart