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Read Series: Duluoz Legend

by Author Jack Kerouac


Maggie Cassidy (1993)

A Heartbreak Hipster ReviewWith Kerouac being one of my father's favourite authors - (he takes The Dharma Bums with him whenever we travel. He even named our first dog after him, though we kids were unable to pronounce the name, and so just called him “Wacky”) - I have always been encouraged to r...

Maggie Cassidy (1993) by Jack Kerouac

Tristessa (1992)

Tristessa is the name with which Kerouac baptized Esperanza Villanueva, a Catholic Mexican young woman, a prostitute and addict to certain drugs, whom he fell in love with during one of his stays in Mexico -a country that he frequently visited - by the middle of the fifties. Wrapped in a spiritua...

Tristessa (1992) by Jack Kerouac

En el camino (2004)

Con el paso del tiempo, "En el camino", un libro que fue la biblia y el manifiesto de la generación beat, se ha convertido en una «novela de culto» y en un clásico de la literatura norteamericana. Con un inconfundible estilo bop, que consiguió para Kerouac el título de «heredero de Charlie Parker...

En el camino (2004) by Jack Kerouac

Visions of Gerard (1991)

"His life...ended when he was nine and the nuns of St. Louis de France Parochial School were at his bedside to take down his dying words because they'd heard his astonishing revelations of heaven delivered in catechism on no more encouragement than it was his turn to speak...."Unique among Jack K...

Visions of Gerard (1991) by Jack Kerouac

The Subterraneans (1994)

Having finished reading Jack Kerouac’s classic The Subterraneans, one feels as though one has been embraced and punched in the guts at the same time. Harmonious near-poetry one minute, it becomes a phonetic cacophony the next. The book is the on-again off-again love story of Leo and Mardou, San F...

The Subterraneans (1994) by Jack Kerouac

Big Sur (1992)

Should you read this book? Well, to quote Jack Kerouac himself, “I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference."What inspired me to read Big Sur, which I somehow skipped in all earlier Kerouac stints, was Ben Gibbard and Jay Farrar's 2009 LP: One Fast Move Or I'm Gone: Kerouac's ...

Big Sur (1992) by Jack Kerouac

Desolation Angels (1995)

В «громадной и безумной легенде» Керуака «Ангелы опустошения» следуют за «Бродягами Дхармы». И если «Бродяги» заканчиваются признанием в любви богу и жаждой обретения нового опыта, то «Ангелы» этот самый опыт воспроизводят, а затем и то, что за ним следует. Роман составлен из двух книг. Изначальн...

Desolation Angels (1995) by Jack Kerouac