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Read Series: Elizabeth And Violet

by Author Sarah Mayberry


Hot Island Nights (2010)

Someone please point me in the direction of someone who writes marginally as good as SM. I'm seriously in danger of developing an unhealthy appetite for her books, it's practically an addiction, once I open the pages, I can't stop. WTH? I yawn all the time at work these days lol. Nate oh Nate, hu...

Hot Island Nights (2010) by Sarah Mayberry

Her Best Worst Mistake (2012)

Ceritanya bagus tapi entah kenapa saya kurang dapat feel antara H/H nya.Awalnya Violet Sutcliffe ini ga suka banget sama Martin, tunangan sahabatnya Elizabeth. Menurut Violet, Martin terlalu serius, itu sebabnya Violet senang banget bikin marah Martin dengan sarkasmenya. Tapi saat tiba-tiba Eliza...

Her Best Worst Mistake (2012) by Sarah Mayberry