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Read Series: Fate

by Author Charisse Spiers


Accepted Fate (2014)

This was a wonderful and heartbreaking read. This book will cause you to ugly cry so be prepared and make sure you have your tissues on you. Kinzleigh Baker is 17 years old, she lives in Long Beach, California and she has plans to become a professional cheerleader. She's been working on it for ye...

Accepted Fate (2014) by Charisse Spiers

Choices of Fate (2013)

I really loved this book and then spent hours to read it in one day. And then I get to the ending.......I hate getting involved with the chars and liking them then BAM shit just hits the fan. Truthfully I should have read the reviews and gotten the cliffhanger because if I would of known I would ...

Choices of Fate (2013) by S. Simone Chavous

A Matter of Truth (2013)

~~~~~~~~~4.5~~~~~~~~~~More love triangle drama but it is so tragically delicious I couldn't resist it. It is the epitome of a horribly unavoidable love triangle. The rest of the series' content is really innovative and very interesting, it should definitely have been featured more. The writing is...

A Matter of Truth (2013) by Heather Lyons

A Matter of Fate (2000)

(3.5)The story unfolded nicely and smoothly, keeping interest with the right amount of intrigue, dialogue, and interesting characters. Nothing is dragged out for longer than necessary. Lots of tears, apologies, and quite some melodrama from our protagonist, Chloe. Cora was hilariously fierce. Kar...

A Matter of Fate (2000) by Heather Lyons