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Read Series: Green

by Author Judy Christie


Downtown Green (2012)

Really enjoyed the Green series. I'm kind of sad it's not going to continue, to see what happens to some of the secondary characters, but Christie did a great job wrapping up the various threads. And I can't be too sad, as I look forward to the continuation of her new Sweet Olive series! Christie...

Downtown Green (2012) by Judy Christie

Rally 'Round Green (2011)

I hope to go back and read all of these eventually. I didn't realize this was like the fourth book already. I am totally anal on reading books in order whether you have to or not. Luckily this one was one of those that you didn't "have" to read in order.The characters and town in Rally Round Gree...

Rally 'Round Green (2011) by Judy Christie

The Glory of Green (2011)

In the beginning of this book, Chris and Lois are getting married. She's concerned about whether or not she will like her wedding dress. A citizen of Green insisted on making it for her. Lois was pleased beyond measure how beautiful the dress turned out. Just as Pastor Jean delcared them husband ...

The Glory of Green (2011) by Judy Christie

Goodness Gracious Green (2010)

Second book in the series and this one was just as good as the first. I am really enjoying the way the people of the Green community come together for everything, including grief and sorrows. I love that the one topic in this book is "feeding the sheep", doing for others one step more than requir...

Goodness Gracious Green (2010) by Judy Christie

Gone to Green (2009)

The paper was an unexpected inheritance from a close colleague, and Lois must keep it for at least a year, bringing a host of challenges, lessons, and blessings into her life.When Lois pulls into Green on New Year’s Day, she expects a charming little town full of smiling people.She quickly realiz...

Gone to Green (2009) by Judy Christie