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Read Series: Haven

by Author Catherine Palmer


Fatal Harvest (2003)

Teenager Matt Strong discovers a secret that could expose the indiscretions of the conglomerate who controls the world's food supply. Now he's been framed for murder and is on the run. Matt's father, Cole Strong, enlists the help of Matt's teacher Jill Pruitt to find the boy and save his life. Be...

Fatal Harvest (2003) by Catherine   Palmer

A Stranger Magic (2013)

Recently I was given the chance to read an exciting series called Haven by D.C Akers. When it comes to fantasy fiction, I love that I have a very vivid imagination, and I must admit, I love anything that is both strange and different, and I love the beginning of this series. Haven : A Stranger Ma...

A Stranger Magic (2013) by D.C. Akers

Amber Magic (2000)

A lot of reviews I read really bashed this book purely based on its length, claiming it was somehow deceptive and pulled you in only to have to buy the next one. As far as I could see, the length of his book was just as well advertised as any other, and it was only a buck on kindle, so I figured ...

Amber Magic (2000) by B.V. Larson

Braut der Nacht (2013)

This is the second in this series, so I must have missed the first somewhere along the way. I think the authors Grave Witch series is a lot more concise and flows better. This vamp series is chock a block full of ideas. The abundance of them has the reader chasing after each new angle and in doin...

Braut der Nacht (2013) by Kalayna Price

Twice Dead (2010)

My four-sentence or less take on the plot: Kita ran away from her pack (or whatever a group of cats is called) a long time ago because of...reasons...but somehow also manages to get bitten by a vampire, becoming a vampire cat. There is also a love triangle, more or less. This book involves vamp...

Twice Dead (2010) by Kalayna Price