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Read Series: Here Burns My Candle

by Author Liz Curtis Higgs


La nuit est à moi (2011)

Ayant décidé de suivre sa belle-mère, Elisabeth et Marjory Kerr arrivent à destination. Ayant tout perdu, maris, enfants, fortune et titres, elles doivent tout recommencer à zéro et n'ont d'autres endroits où aller que chez une cousine éloignée. Anne Kerr, ne s'attendait pas à cette visite car Gi...

La nuit est à moi (2011) by Liz Curtis Higgs

Dwars door de nacht (2011)

A fantastic projection of the story of Ruth in the Bible, this book follows a young Elisabeth Kerr. Traveling with her mother-in-law to the lowlands of Scotland to escape punishment of being associated with the Jacobite cause. They are, in fact, mother and wife of two of the leading men. Escapin...

Dwars door de nacht (2011) by Liz Curtis Higgs

Mine Is the Night (2011)

Liz Curtis Higgs builds this two part story into a beautiful climax with this, the sequel to Here Burns My Candle. Though anyone who has read the story of Naomi and Ruth knows exactly where the story is going, we still fall in love as Elisabeth does, struggle with her journey, and feel the pain o...

Mine Is the Night (2011) by Liz Curtis Higgs

Here Burns My Candle (2010)

With grace, style and beauty, famed author Liz Curtis Higgs puts her pen to the Biblical story of Naomi and Ruth, bringing it not into modern times, but into a beautiful setting full of political upheaval and danger. Scotland’s hills populate the background of this story and become more than mere...

Here Burns My Candle (2010) by Liz Curtis Higgs

Ici brûle ma chandelle (2010)

*apoiler alert* I liked it...I thought it was well written. It took a lot of writing to describe a little bit, but the pace was enjoyable and fitting for the time period. I mostly loved the parallel to Ruth and Naomi. Donald made my blood boil and I seriously had to put it down a few times. SEri...

Ici brûle ma chandelle (2010) by Liz Curtis Higgs