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Read Series: Hidden Wings

by Author Cameo Renae


Tethered Wings (2014)

Although the basis of the book is a great idea (meaning a main character with Nephilim and Fallen Angel Blood) the execution is very poor. The main character is meant to be this all powerful being but she doesn't even have the strength to keep her friends safe. Although she killed several hell-ho...

Tethered Wings (2014) by Cameo Renae

Hidden Wings (2013)

So disappointing. This book has so much potential, but the author just throws it all trough the window! The first book elapses in the short time of.. what? 4 days? That´s all it takes for Emma to fall deeply in love with a guy she barely even has time to speak to. IT´S RUBBISH! And the villain? H...

Hidden Wings (2013) by Cameo Renae