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Read Series: Insight

by Author Jamie Magee


Vital (Insight, #4) (2000)

This is a very entertaining and heart wrenchingly annoying read, I love the storyline and all the connections all the characters have with each other it's exciting and I adore reading relationships like this. As a reader you get all their personalities and desires for helping support their main l...

Vital (Insight, #4) (2000) by Jamie Magee

Image (Insight #3) (2011)

Unlike Embody, Image is action packed from the beginning. I really started to fall in love with Drake in this book. We discover so much about Willow and Drake's past, a lot about Drake himself, who he is, his past, who he wants to be; how he, Willow, and Landen have been used as pawns by Darkness...

Image (Insight #3) (2011) by Jamie Magee

Embody (Insight, #2) (2000)

Another captivating read, it may start out a little slow but has such a twist in the middle that will literally suck the reader right up, I couldn't out the book down. The plot was exciting I was so nervous and anxious for the main characters hoping that they would find they're way back to each o...

Embody (Insight, #2) (2000) by Jamie Magee

Insight (Insight, #1) (2010)

Really bad - actually didn't finish it, which is very rare for me. Terrible character and plot development. Totally unbelievable reactions - they start having all these apparently incredible mysteries that are a huge part of their lives revealed to them, but just walk away or drop the subject eve...

Insight (Insight, #1) (2010) by Jamie Magee