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Read Series: Jack Reacher

by Author James Thayer


Five Past Midnight (1998)

Escaping from Germany's Colditz Castle where he was being held as a prisoner of war, Captain Jack Cray fights his way to Berlin in April 1945, following a twisted trail of terror across Germany. The American Army commando has just been handed the most dangerous mission of his career--the assassin...

Five Past Midnight (1998) by James Thayer

Persuader (2008)

I would have to rank this as one of my favourite Lee Child books, even if I thoughs the start was dubious. For the first chapter or two, I worried this might even be a Reacher novel of a standard to rival the disaster that was Nothing to Lose. Then, of course, we got a little farther into the boo...

Persuader (2008) by Lee Child

Without Fail (2002)

While reading this installment of the Jack Reacher series, I remarked to my fiancee that this just might be the best one so far. She lauhed at me, and chided that I have said that for every one that I have read so far. She's right. I probably have.But, to me, that's the beauty of this series. It'...

Without Fail (2002) by Dick Hill

Killing Floor (2006)

After collecting each and every Jack Reacher books tirelessly over the years one by one from the mountainous book piles of used bookstores, and after always hearing this or that about the all powerful Jack Reacher, yesterday I finally finished reading this first book from Lee Child. Was it worth ...

Killing Floor (2006) by Lee Child

Tripwire (2000)

Third in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around a retired military policeman, checking out the country and fixing wrongs. The action starts in Key West, Florida.My TakeI do love Child's writing. He grabs me and pulls me immediately into the story. The story's basic concept may be a bit...

Tripwire (2000) by Lee Child

Echo Burning (2002)

Fifth in the Jack Reacher suspense series revolving around an ex-military policeman wandering the country and getting into a bushel of trouble.My TakeI hated this one! That bitch Carmen and her approach with Reacher. It's just wrong! Stupid twit! What is so important that she has to stick around?...

Echo Burning (2002) by Lee Child

Die Trying (2008)

In this, his second outing, ex-Army Major Jack Reacher is minding his own business, walking past a dry cleaning shop in Chicago, when an attractive young woman emerges from the shop with nine bags of expensive clothes, a bad knee, and a crutch. She drops the crutch and Reacher jumps to her assist...

Die Trying (2008) by Lee Child

Running Blind (2001)

2 ½ stars. Long, drawn out process investigating murders. Not enough action. The ending was frustrating.REVIEWER’S OPINION:The story starts off in an exciting way with thugs demanding payoffs from a new restaurant owner. Reacher likes the restaurant and takes action. That was fun. But after...

Running Blind (2001) by Lee Child

The Enemy (2005)

Lee Child's Jack Reacher series continues. This is a series of thrillers about an action hero -- Reacher. When Child is good, the books are, well, thrilling, and the hero, Jack Reacher, engages in a lot of action. This is usually the case.Unfortunately, in some books, such as "Echo Burning" (M...

The Enemy (2005) by Lee Child

Bad Luck and Trouble (2007)

Eleventh in the Jack Reacher suspense series. This one takes place in L.A.My TakeOh. This is such a sad one. So many losses.I found it interesting that Child is allowing Jack to age and start to question what he's doing. This makes it so real. I've been wondering if/when Jack might start to wonde...

Bad Luck and Trouble (2007) by Lee Child

61 Stunden (2013)

By far the best book I have read in the series. Lee Child does not disappoint with this awesome Jack Reacher novel. It is so riveting and intense it keeps you on edge until you finish the last page. Afterwards, you find yourself craving more. This story is so suspenseful you cannot stop. It does ...

61 Stunden (2013) by Lee Child

A Wanted Man (2012)

A good, not great continuation of the Jack Reacher series. I know the whole purpose of these books are Jack Reacher against the world, but I thought this one slowed down when he got out of the car with the hostage. Every thing seemed to perfectly align even more so than normal. I mean there ar...

A Wanted Man (2012) by Lee Child

61 Hours (2010)

This book can be read without having read any of the other jack reacher books. I rated a four because I found the book to be slightly drawn out and slow paced. The ending was thrilling but inconclusive, it left me hanging wondering what had really happened (don't want to give too much away!). I d...

61 Hours (2010) by Lee Child