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Read Series: Knights Of The Board Room

by Author Joey W. Hill


Controlled Response (2013)

Very dynamic characters, you have to love Lucas, not only smart and Dominant, but also very genuine. Cassandra with the corset is very revealing. The multitude of issues she has are a bit much, especially when you learn that the oldest brother, Jeremy is a long term addict and that the youngest...

Controlled Response (2013) by Joey W. Hill

Laced with Desire (2010)

Review only for, Novella 3 (knights of the Boardroom) - Honor Bound by Joey Hill Well alright, alright alright....Yep, much better. I really liked these characters and their journey. Definitely much more legitimate than the last book. Peter and Dana's story was compelling; both in the military, b...

Laced with Desire (2010) by Jaci Burton

Unlaced (2008)

I know people think smut is smut....but I find it truly amazing that an author can write a story so full of NON-VANILLA sex that it has your head spinning, but at the same time is such an emotional read that it has me crying throughout! I am truly in love with all of these characters. I knew afte...

Unlaced (2008) by Jaci Burton

Hostile Takeover (2012)

Sometimes I really HATE GR's!!! This annoying site had a glitch and dumped my review when I hit the 'post' button!!!! I had spent ages typing up (one handed as have injured shoulder/arm) a long review explaining why I both hated and loved this book and my how over time I had continued to read ...

Hostile Takeover (2012) by Joey W. Hill

Board Resolution (2010)

Okay, this book was chosen for me in a pick-it for me challenge. I bought it the day I was told my book the first week in November and it has taken me all this time to finish it. I have read and enjoy many books that have BDSM relationships but this one was a very hard pill for me to shallow. I d...

Board Resolution (2010) by Joey W. Hill