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Read Series: Leigh Koslow Mystery

by Author Edie Claire


Never Tease a Siamese (2005)

This book was pretty good. Not amazing, but entertaining. Aside from this book, I am not familiar with Edie Claire's writing, or the escapades of her character Leigh Koslow. I picked it up because I love cats. That being said, the cats were more of a side-show than anything else. The book basical...

Never Tease a Siamese (2005) by Edie Claire

Never Kissed Goodnight (2001)

CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER.Leigh Koslow may have found happiness in her new marriage--but her cousin Cara's life seems to be nothing short of perfect. She has a knockout figure, an adorable son, and a rich, devoted--not to mention gorgeous--husband. She and her family have even been featured on telev...

Never Kissed Goodnight (2001) by Edie Claire

Never Sorry (1999)

LIONS AND TIGERS AND MURDER ... OH MY. — When unemployed copywriter Leigh Koslow gets the opportunity to become a partner in her own agency, she leaps at the chance. But she still needs one thing to get her fledgling business off the ground -- cash. Luckily, she lands a part-time job at the local...

Never Sorry (1999) by Edie Claire

Never Preach Past Noon (2000)

I have mostly stopped reviewing these kinds of books, because I read them to switch off, and it doesn't seem fair to hold them to the same scrutiny and standards as I do other books. So I'm not giving it a rating, and if I were reviewing properly I would say that I mostly enjoyed this book, and I...

Never Preach Past Noon (2000) by Edie Claire

Never Buried (1999)

I love cozy mysteries. My perfect idea of a 'rainy day read' is a small-town mystery with an intelligent, humorous and loving amateur sleuth, preferably female. I stumbled upon Never Buried by Edie Claire while looking for an entertaining book that was available online for free. The reviews on...

Never Buried (1999) by Edie Claire