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Read Series: Life's A Witch

by Author Brittany Geragotelis


Life's a Witch (2013)

I did not know this was the second book. I mean if the series is called "Life's A Witch" why is the second book called Life's a Witch and not the first? But I was able to begin and finish it without it seeming like I was missing any important detail. I, however, did not always agree with Hadley's...

Life's a Witch (2013) by Brittany Geragotelis

What the Spell?. Brittany Geragotelis (2013)

Ugh, this book is atrocious. It’s just unbelievably appalling.Brooklyn is one of the worst female characters ever. She’s self-absorbed, stupid, superficial, has a superiority complex, lies, manipulates people (literally), and is just horrible. First of all, I don’t know or get what her obsession ...

What the Spell?. Brittany Geragotelis (2013) by Brittany Geragotelis

Los Hechizos de Brooklyn (2014)

Me ha parecido un buen libro, sin embargo, fue bastante predecible toda la historia, al principio la historia de amor entre nuestra protagonista Hadley y Asher me parecía muy forzada y algo nada realista, pero al final me término dejando un buen sabor de boca y algo más creíble, aunque no haya si...

Los Hechizos de Brooklyn (2014) by Brittany Geragotelis