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Read Series: Night Watch

by Author Cynthia Eden


Never Cry Wolf (2011)

Another great novel from Cynthia Eden. Never Cry Wolf is as enjoyable as all her other novels are. It had a little of everything including suspense, romance, action, mystery and HOT wolves. This book was fast paced and really hard to put down.Although this could be a stand-alone book, I would ...

Never Cry Wolf (2011) by Cynthia Eden

I'll Be Slaying You (2010)

I quite like reading about the Night Watch and definitely can't wait to start the next book and I think it's about Zane... Yaay ^_^Well Dee, Dee is someone different... Nice twist midway through the book! Loved it and how she embraced it, never saw that one coming! And Dee's past, oh wow what a p...

I'll Be Slaying You (2010) by Cynthia Eden

Eternal Hunter (2010)

I loved this one just like I did all the rest of her books so much. I didn't see the stalker being Judge Harpper though!! That really came as a shock... I thought it was going to be some freak of the street or something like that. But nope! It was the Judge! SHOCKER!! I really liked Jude a...

Eternal Hunter (2010) by Cynthia Eden

Jäger der Dämmerung (2011)

Was very difficult listening to both of the twisted soul's trying to tell themselves that they were no good for the other.It got boring really quick listening to Erin's self flagellation and trying to deny that she was other even as her nails and teeth elongated.purchased the book from audible. l...

Jäger der Dämmerung (2011) by Cynthia Eden