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Read Series: Ranchers Of Chatum County

by Author Lynda Chance


Unverschämt reizvoll (2014)

ANOTHER ALPHA MALE DOMINANTJOSH JOSH JOSH OMG If you luv 'alpha males' ... Lynda Chance has a lot in store :)

Unverschämt reizvoll (2014) by Lynda Chance

Sarah's Surrender (2012)

Sarah got on my nerves. I didn't like her thought process, her stubbornness and her b¡tchiness from the start and at 39% she was not getting any better so I skimmed the rest of the book hoping for a change. She finally "surrendered" to John but I wasn't digging it. On the other hand, John, I real...

Sarah's Surrender (2012) by Lynda Chance