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Read Series: Sometimes Never

by Author Cheryl McIntyre


Before Now (2013)

I shall ask a question that has been asked probably since the beginning of time...what is it about bad boys that makes smart girls stupid??How much I loved this story you ask? well, I skipped the first book and thought that I'd read Before Now first, I loved Park so much with Lucy that I absolute...

Before Now (2013) by Cheryl McIntyre

Long After (2013)

“I hear your heart answering mine,” Chase says softly. “It’s like music. I could listen to it all night.”Cheryl McIntyre writes young men and women with a strength you can admire in a love we covet. This story doesn't disappoint. Chase and Annie finally get their chance at love. What I love? The ...

Long After (2013) by Cheryl McIntyre

Sometimes Never (2012)

Might be doing a review on my blog later. If he wasn't so gentleman i wouldn't think about finishing this story, i didn't like Hope at all

Sometimes Never (2012) by Cheryl McIntyre