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Read Series: Special Operations

by Author Catherine Mann


Blaze of Glory (2006)

"A brand-new, heart-pounding tale featuring Catherine Mann's heroic Special Ops unit." Air Force captain Bobby "Postal" Ruznick wouldn't consider working a job that didn't occasionally scare him to death. But nothing gets under his skin like sexy profiler Dr. Grace Marie Lanier. Not that Dr. Upti...

Blaze of Glory (2006) by Catherine Mann

John Henry's Beautiful Charlie (2012)

I read the series out of order *blushes* so is actually the second book I read even though it's the first book in the series. My major complaint about this book is really nit picky but...It drove me batty that John Henry was referred to as John Henry. I was hearing dueling banjos twenty pages in...

John Henry's Beautiful Charlie (2012) by Stormy Glenn