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Read Series: Sweetblood

by Author Laurie London


Tempted by Blood (2012)

When Arianna Wells was a small child she saw shadows turn into two men who took her Mom away from their home, leaving Arianna an orphan. Being such a small child no one believed her story of the shadow men. Now Arianna is grown and is out one evening picking up her young cousin, when the foggy ...

Tempted by Blood (2012) by Laurie London

Embraced by Blood (2011)

Setting: Bellingham Bay; Casa en las Colinas (House in the Hills); Theme:Love; protection; self forgiveness; enhanced powers; Characters:Darkblood Alliance vs Governing Council – Darkbloods want to subjugate humans and rule the world, taking blood indiscriminately even to death of human, torture...

Embraced by Blood (2011) by Laurie London

Bonded by Blood (2011)

The first book in the series. Almost like every other vampire dude finds a mate book and if you are desperately in need of a good vampire "brotherhood" series, then you don't want to start here. Come back when you are jaded enough and so sick and tired of the "vampire brotherhood" genre to find t...

Bonded by Blood (2011) by Laurie London

Bonded by Blood. Laurie London (2012)

Almost marked this one as "did not finish". The first thing I would take issue with was excessive foul language. I was very put off by it and it did not help the story along. In fact, it hampered the story and it made the characters come off as juvenile and simple. The main characters Dominic Se...

Bonded by Blood. Laurie London (2012) by Laurie London