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Read Series: The Bone Season

by Author Samantha Shannon


The Mime Order (2000)

First off I want to give a massive thanks to Bloomsbury and Netgalley for approving me to read and review The Mime Order early. Especially because I finished The Bone Season 24 hours earlier. So being able to jump right into the sequel was a huge relief. Now first off I want to mention that I pu...

The Mime Order (2000) by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season (2013)

I'm not far into the book but I give up.I might pick it up again in a few month but for now, I really don't want to force myself to continue. I read the info-dumping is less present after a few chapters but I have no patience now to read through it. I mean, I do love a well flesh-out world, and t...

The Bone Season (2013) by Samantha Shannon