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Read Series: The Cats And Curios Mystery

by Author Rebecca M. Hale


Nine Lives Last Forever (2010)

I want to start off by saying I think this author is certainly memorable, particularly because of how she writes her books. The timeline is not sequential, and it can be disconcerting when she does that. I was intrigued however by the story, and have to agree with another reviewer that it was o...

Nine Lives Last Forever (2010) by Rebecca M. Hale

How to Wash a Cat (2010)

When I first read "How to Wash a Cat," it didn't exactly thrill me and I was very confused by the ending. But with each subsequent book, I started enjoying the series more and more. Once I started to picture the scenes in my mind, I could actually see the books being made into a movie that would ...

How to Wash a Cat (2010) by Rebecca M. Hale