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Read Series: The Origin Mystery

by Author A.G. Riddle


Atlantis World, The (2000)

Well, having made it through the first two books, I took a chance and decided to go ahead with the last one just to see how it all ends? I should have just left the outcome to my imagination! This third book took it so far overboard into the sci-fi and other worlds that it almost lost me halfway ...

Atlantis World, The (2000) by A.G. Riddle

The Atlantis Plague (2000)

This was another free book from the Kindle lending library. I enjoyed the first book enough to finish it and read this one but my interest quickly faded. The 2nd book dragged on for me seemingly forever in the middle but picked up a bit near the end just enough for me to stick with it but I'm n...

The Atlantis Plague (2000) by A.G. Riddle

The Atlantis Gene (2013)

Let me start off by saying that I loved this book. This is A. G Riddles first book and at times you can tell when you're reading it. It's very fast paced with lots of character introductions that end being not very important. Once you figure out which characters to pay attention to it gets really...

The Atlantis Gene (2013) by A.G. Riddle

The Atlantis World (2000)

From My Newsletter Number 86:This review is on The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery, Book 3) by A.G Riddle. It is the third and final book in the Series.This story starts out at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico where Doctor Mary Caldwell has been searching for radio signals from other in...

The Atlantis World (2000) by A.G. Riddle