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Read Series: The Traveler's Gate Trilogy

by Author Will Wight


The Crimson Vault (2013)

I have a couple words to sum up this book: action movie in a book. The entire book felt like a series of epic fight scenes.The second book was a big step up from the first...the magic system is a bit more fleshed out, writing and story transitions are greatly improved, characters are still a bit ...

The Crimson Vault (2013) by Will Wight

House of Blades (2013)

I wanted to like it, I really did. But id say if your into realism don't read this book. It suffers from Light Novel syndrome, the character is considered ditsy by everyone else and I could swear I could see a harem building in the the background. He went through his training in a couple months, ...

House of Blades (2013) by Will Wight