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Read Series: Van Zale

by Author Susan Howatch


The Rich Are Different (1983)

England, 1922. Wealthy New York banker Paul Van Zale decides to entertain himself by investing in Dinah Slade's cosmetics enterprise. Despite the great difference in their ages, the two begin an affair, but Paul's past *sins* eventually call him back to his wife and the cut-throat world of Wall S...

The Rich Are Different (1983) by Susan Howatch

Sins of the Fathers (1985)

This book is the sequel of The Rich are Different.Even if I haven's read the first book of this series, the author managed to keep track of the previous story into the present plot.This is the story of Cornelius Van Zale and his family during the period of 1949 till 1967. Each part of the book is...

Sins of the Fathers (1985) by Susan Howatch