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Read Series: Watergivers

by Author Glenda Larke


Stormlord's Exile (2011)

I couldn't put these books down and read the whole trilogy straight through!! Interesting scenario where water is scarce and those that control the water have the power. Love that the books cover some heavy topics such as structures of inequality, religious intolerance, racism/discrimination, t...

Stormlord's Exile (2011) by Glenda Larke

Stormlord Rising (2010)

Glenda Larke, this is the second of her books I have read and I have to say I'm as disappointed as I am impressed with her ability to kill off characters at the drop of a hat! I'm not usually too fond of books where the story is told from different perspectives but she manages to do this as well...

Stormlord Rising (2010) by Glenda Larke

The Last Stormlord (2010)

I am probably just too hard on books, I'll admit. But as I grow older, I just keep thinking about how I have only a limited amount of time left to enjoy books that thoroughly hook me from page one, and the amount of books out there is only growing (and growing at a more rapid pace) daily. From th...

The Last Stormlord (2010) by Glenda Larke