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Read Series: WitchLight Trilogy

by Author Debora Geary


Witches on Parole (2011)

This has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. I don't know how I finished it. I guess I thought it would get better? Problems I have with this book:1. Nothing ever happens. 2. Jennie is supposed to be this amazing, wise mentor, but she has two other people do all the work and only complai...

Witches on Parole (2011) by Debora Geary

Witches in Flight (2000)

This is the last book in Elsie and Lizard's WitchLight journey. They both have lots of choices to make before the office cal end and the start of their new lives. The strangest thing about this series is the complete absence of Jennie's husband. He doesn't even have a name. This is particular...

Witches in Flight (2000) by Debora Geary

Witches Under Way (2012)

This book had me from the beginning, but that is nothing new with Debora Geary's books. I love her style of writing, and since I began reading her, my life at home has come to a stand still. It hasn't been since I read the Earth's Children book series that I have invested so much of my heart into...

Witches Under Way (2012) by Debora Geary