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Read Series: Wrecked

by Author Abby McCarthy


Wreck You (2000)

I have to say my favorite part about this book is the mickeyisms. What an original and clever spin. Maura and Corbin's relationship was hot and heavy from the start. Maura's naive about life and love due to the kind of upbringing she's had. But I think she truly figures out who she is and what sh...

Wreck You (2000) by Abby McCarthy

Wrecking Ball (2014)

5 Beautiful Stars!!!Absolutely LOVED this story! It was beautiful, sad, and heartbreaking but what made me so wrapped up into it, it was real! I could relate to the book in some areas and it made me love the heroine even more.While I was falling in love with Sophia and Brandon I also loved Tia he...

Wrecking Ball (2014) by B.N. Toler

Accept Me (2014)

ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest ReviewThis book has a very special meaning to me, so before I start my review, I need to take a special minute to thank author J.L. Mac. This series brought me together with whom I now consider one of my very best friends, most of you know her as Kristen Karwan...

Accept Me (2014) by J.L. Mac

Restore Me (2013)

This book went nothing like I had thought it would. The twists the author takes come out of nowhere. I hate cliffhangers like the rest of you and this one has just that. You know it's a good book when you recommend it to a friend and said friend texts you out of the blue with a "WTF?" I can't fin...

Restore Me (2013) by J.L. Mac

Wreck Me (2013)

3.5-4 stars!!0-30% it was eh, couldn't get into it40-70% ok this is kinda really good and cute (I want me a Damon lol)80-90% .....must keep reading95-end% Holy mother of cliffhangers, that shit did not just go down (Have to read the 2nd book)!!This was a on the shorter side of most reads, but I'm...

Wreck Me (2013) by J.L. Mac