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Girl's - Plot & Excerpts

Two whole days without a single naughty girl spanking to redden her not-so-tender-anymore bottom. She hadn't even had so much as a single disapproving glare from her Daddy David. Not one. It was as if the severity of the switching had calmed something inside her. As if it had made it easier to relax and submit to Daddy's wishes, both the ones she like to obey, as well as the ones she didn't.It was amazing how quickly she got used to afternoon naps, curled up in her crib with Bear under one arm and her comfort blankie wrapped around her shoulders. And story times, as well, when she would sit with him on the couch, her head pillowed against his chest, listening to the harmonious sound of his voice as he read to her from Mother Goose, or Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends, or the Cat in the Hat, which she could almost remember Nanna having once read to her a long time ago.She loved being fed by his hand and drinking from her sippy cup, and though she still preferred her thumb over the binky that virtually filled her mouth, she was even growing accustomed to that.

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