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Read Gone From Me: Hearts Of The South, Book 10 (2016)

Gone From Me: Hearts of the South, Book 10 (2016)

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Gone From Me: Hearts Of The South, Book 10 (2016) - Plot & Excerpts

Rob almost wished he’d given in to Tick’s suggestion that the older man handle the Jenkins’s case briefing, except that was the easy way out.
    And his dad had raised him to meet the hard stuff head-on.
    Even so, he had to suck in a couple of deep breaths as he ushered Dale and Shelli Jenkins to the table in the small conference room. Tick closed the door behind them, shutting out the noise of the squad room. The room immediately felt smaller and airless.
    “Thank you for coming in.” Rob took the chair across from the Jenkinses, and Tick settled in the seat catercorner to Dale. Throat tight, Rob spread his hands over the file folder. He centered his attention on his wedding band a moment, then swallowed hard and lifted his gaze to meet Dale’s red-rimmed one. “I went over to the GBI lab in Moultrie this morning and spoke to the medical examiner.”
    On the table, Dale’s fingers tightened over Shelli’s trembling hand.

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