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Read Guns & Dusty Roads: The Iron Brotherhood Series

Guns & Dusty Roads: The Iron Brotherhood Series

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Guns & Dusty Roads: The Iron Brotherhood Series - Plot & Excerpts

Part of that, she was sure, was due to the fact that, thanks to stop and go traffic on her way into work, her steaming, extra-large cup of coffee had sat all but untouched in her car’s cup holder for the entire ride.  When she finally made it through the terrible snarl of traffic, it turned out that the whole thing was due to an idiot truck driver who had misread the maximum clearance on an underpass and succeeded in getting his truck thoroughly stuck.
    Kara almost felt tempted to pull over and put him under arrest just for being an idiot.
    Unfortunately, doing most stupid things was still not a crime, despite how many times she had pitched to Rogers, her boss, that it would solve so many problems.  “Just think of how fast we could clear these cases if we could arrest people for being idiots!” she insisted.
    But every time she brought it up, Rogers just shook his head, giving her that little half-smile which meant that, although amused, his nerves were wearing thin.

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