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Intrepid - Plot & Excerpts

Reds and oranges and browns were bright and alive in new ways, even as the trees shook them from their branches, leaving them for dead.  For the first time, I truly understood what everyone meant when they talked about things being bigger than themselves, because whatever was happening to me was so much bigger than myself.  What Lindsay told me made it so. The hint she left me suddenly made me feel less alone. She said there was someone similar to me, and this person had to be Liam.  Iago had held my hand or arm nearly every time we entered the Nothing, and compared to when Liam held me in his arms, nothing had happened. There was something special about Liam that activated something within me. We were both responsible for what happened the other morning. I couldn’t figure out the specifics yet, because Lindsay wasn’t clear on it. Similar meant close to, but not the same. If Liam was an experiment like me, I still wasn’t sure of what genre. There was still so much I didn’t know.

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