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Amber Scott

Irish Moon - Plot & Excerpts

She busied herself as Rose prattled on about the babe in her belly and what it would be like to have a son.
The wedding would begin within the hour and Breanne laid out the only gown she owned suitable for the occasion.
It was a pale lavender silk, threaded through with silver and gray and white. The cape that attached at the shoulders was a deep shimmering gray, as well. Silver baubles in her hair and a plated silver and amethyst choker would complete the picture she hoped would make her mother proud, if that were possible after the morning’s events.
She was nervous. Stomaching all the eyes that would be on her, all the whispers and conjecture that would buzz the hall throughout the ceremony, would be more difficult than any trial she’d yet faced.
The tightly knit clan warranted few secrets’ survival among them. If most didn’t already know the sordid details of her actions and repercussions, they certainly would find out while her uncle spoke lifelong binding words of love, honor, and fidelity.

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