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JAKrentz - Witchcraft

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JAKrentz - Witchcraft - Plot & Excerpts

The invitations are just a formality," Ariel explained complacently, removing her hand from Kimberly's arm. "As it turns out, Saturday is an especially propitious time for the affair. Run along dear. Milly and I are going to work on the menu today." Aunt Milly nodded in agreement. "We want everything just right for this particular event.""What's so special about this party?" Kimberly asked unwisely.Aunt Milly looked at her in amused astonishment. "Why, because you'll be there, of course. Now do as Ariel says and run along, dear." Kimberly didn't need any urging. She was far enough behind in Vendetta as it was. * * Shortly after ten o'clock on Saturday evening Cavenaugh glanced across the crowded living room and managed to catch a glimpse of Kimberly. He considered himself lucky. It had been difficult keeping track of her tonight. From the moment the guests had begun arriving she had been the focal point of one after the other. The fact that some of the people in the crowd had read her books certainly accounted for some of the attention she was receiving, but Cavenaugh was aware there was a lot more involved.

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