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Lake Justice

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Lake Justice - Plot & Excerpts

One could see the greens, browns, reds, and golds of the forest stretching around the long, wide lake, but not the farthest shores, which shimmered at us with a ghostly hint of banks. I walked to the edge of the lake, where the grass ended, and a pebbly, slightly sandy narrow stretch began. The lake spread out before me, glistening, inviting. It was so mesmerizing that I nearly stripped off my clothes right there and plunged in. So what if there was no salt? It was water, there was a lot of it, and it was my home element.
    I heard something then, a whisper. At first I thought it was a breeze, but it was too substantial for air. I thought it was my name, but couldn't be sure. The next words were distinct, though: "Help us." I spun around. I didn't see anyone. I got that all-too familiar prickle on the back of my neck. We weren't the only ones here, and some of the others weren't alive.
    "Aunt Bronwyn?" Jamie shaded his eyes with one hand and looked over toward me.

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