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Last Writes (2014)

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Allison & Busby

Last Writes (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

Hector Leanaig, Laird of Balgalkin, was never really welcome at Sheriff Rhuaraidh Macmillan’s home at Drummondreach.This was because whilst the sheriff’s writ ran throughout East Fearnshire he much preferred exercising his authority over those who lived at some little distance away from his home rather than those on his own doorstep. He had found that it made for better long-term relationships.His current visitor was a case in point. The sheriff’s home at Drummondreach was much too near for comfort to Balgalkin Castle and its stormy owner, Hector Leanaig.‘What is it anent now, Leanaig?’ he said sternly when the man had been shown into the sheriff’s study. It was not the first time Hector Leanaig had come to Rhuaraidh Macmillan’s door with action in mind. Action against someone else, as a rule.‘More trouble down at Culloch Beg – Angus Mackenzie’s place,’ said Hector Leanaig hotly. ‘The man’s nothing but a common reiver.’ ‘Are you alleging,’ said the sheriff, first and foremost a man of the law, ‘that Mackenzie of Culloch Beg has stolen your cattle?’‘I’m not alleging anything,’ retorted the Laird of Castle Balgalkin on the instant.

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