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Legally Yours

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Manda Collins

Legally Yours - Plot & Excerpts

He'd rolled up his sleeves and gotten rid of his tie two hours ago, when he'd assured the other lawyers on the team that they could go home. It wasn't that he couldn't have used their help going through the documents for the Furman case, but he'd been sent by RFG's corporate legal department to find out who had been leaking details about their case to the plaintiff's lawyer, and he needed as much time alone in the office as he could muster in order to figure it out.
He'd worked for RFG since graduating law school six years earlier, and though most men in his shoes would have chosen to join a large firm, he'd been happy enough to take a position as part of the multi-national corporation's legal department. Most big firms, especially the ones in the south, encouraged their associates to marry before they were considered for partnerships. And since his parent's divorce when he was in high school, Matt had decided that marriage was an institution he'd rather not join.
Seeing the partners in this firm with their wives had not changed his opinion.

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