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Little Girl Gone

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Little Girl Gone - Plot & Excerpts

Logan found out the suited guy’s name was Baker, and he was an LAPD detective. He’d kept Logan waiting in a windowless room at the station for nearly an hour before he finally showed up, and started asking his questions. “I wasn’t running away from anything.”The man raised an eyebrow. “Really? Several people saw you. Including me.”“I didn’t say I wasn’t running. I said I wasn’t running away from anything.”“Okay. Then why were you running to?”“My friend was mugged yesterday,” Logan said. “I thought I saw the man who did it, and chased after him.”“Convenient, don’t you think? Him showing up at the aftermath of a fire you set.”“Whoa. Hold on. I did not set any fire.” “My witness says you were the last person other than herself in the burned down house.”“The last person she knows of. There was obviously someone else, because I didn’t do it.”“So you are saying you were there.”“Absolutely.” “And why was that?”Logan could hear his father’s voice in his head.

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