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Read Lois Meade 01: Murder On Monday (EN, 2002) (2002)

Lois Meade 01: Murder on Monday (EN, 2002) (2002)

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Lois Meade 01: Murder On Monday (EN, 2002) (2002) - Plot & Excerpts

But tonight, the present chairman, Dr Rix, sat uneasily on his hard chair and tried to concentrate on the minutes of the previous meeting, banishing thoughts of Gloria and how she must have stood in abject terror in the kitchen behind him.
Janice Britton, the Special who had been so encouraging to Lois, was clerk to the parish council. She had not given much credence to the supposed collaboration with Keith Simpson and Lois on gathering information in the village, sensing Lois’s animosity after being turned down in Tresham. Janice had contributed little, but she had tried to keep her ear to the ground. In fact, she had thought on her way to the village hall that tonight might possibly turn up a few clues. She had been clerk to the council for a number of years, and the members relied on her absolutely to come up with items for the agenda, papers to peruse and letters composed ready for Dr Rix to sign. He often said that without Janice he would not have been able to continue for so long, being such a busy man himself.

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