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The Boathouse

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The Boathouse - Plot & Excerpts

Zoe was sitting upright at her desk hard at work; wearing a black designer suit and high heels with her long dark hair flowing in waves. “I thought the voice recordings from the ransom calls would have provided us with some leads by now,” Archer sighed and handed over her coffee. “Thanks. The voice modulator was set up by an expert. No discernible background sounds, no way to untangle the voice or to get any kind of read or fix on it. These guys are pros. We need to trace the call or find clues somewhere else.” Zoe raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips accusingly at him before she put some music on over the main speakers. “What are all these boxes for?” “That’s the FBI’s latest smart board for sorting and presenting data. It’s like a sheet of glass with 3D images you can hand swipe. There’s also some voice control. They’ve asked us to make some improvements to the software. The techies are in tomorrow to set it up. I’m so excited,” she beamed with pride. Archer nodded his head and smiled with approval.

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