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Mary Reed McCall

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Mary Reed McCall - Plot & Excerpts

Duncan forced himself to take shallow breaths as Colin shoved him the rest of the way down the narrow corridor, into the bowels of the dungeon, trying to concentrate on anything but the dark reality of where this little journey was going to end. They’d not seen another living soul along the way, a fact that had surprised him; if Morgana had any followers, they weren’t large in number, and that gave him hope that Kinnon could overcome any there were and face Aileana, if Duncan was still imprisoned here come nightfall.
His brother’s torch shone off of the wet slime on the walls as he pulled Duncan along, the wavering light revealing all of the filth and rot that coated the floor and lay caked along the edge of the passage. With every step, Duncan heard the skittering of rats running for safety from the sudden illumination.
Yet it was better than the dark.
A sharp pain sliced into his shoulders, as Colin yanked him to a halt from behind.
“We’re here. I chose your new home with care, Duncan, to ensure that your stay would be everything you deserve.”

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