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MILA 2.0 (2013)

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0062090364 (ISBN13: 9780062090362)
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MILA 2.0 (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Milla is about a girl who thinks that she is just a normal girl that has just forgotten about her life before a fire but soon finds out that she is an android for the military... A computer. Now people from that military are out to destroy her if she doesn't pass some test saying she is worth keeping.This book was a new concept. The cover is beautiful. I do think that this book series could have an audience just not for me. I did not like this book at all. The problem was i could not relate to the main character. (Obviously she is a android) it kept going on and on about how she was not human she was a computer, and she hates that she isn't human when she feels literally 75% of the book talks about that!! Super annoying! If you can read a book that you can relate nothing to then this is the book for you. I will say the plot was great, it just needs a new character. I will probably just read spoilers about the rest of the series just cuz I can't stand not finishing a book.If you like this book you should read Cinder, It is so much better! Cinder has android parts but is actually still human. Which makes the story more relatable. I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up because I had been told that it was similar world to the Bourne Identity movies (which is had recently finished watching), and was not disappointed.I thought the beginning was pretty slow though, and I don't think that enough foreshadowing was done in the early chapters, bur overall, really good. I didn't think that Mila's relationship with Hunter was very necessary, or relevant. I think that he just existed because the author needed a male character. I feel that he was very stereotypical of fictional high school boys, and his character wasn't very defined. I mean, he snuck out in the middle of the night to sit with a girl in a barn. Why? What does he see in Mila? They could have flushed out his character more. I thought that the scenes when she and her mom are on the run were done excellently. I could not put the book down.

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Lots of action! I can't wait to read the next book to the trilogy!

This book is a really good book I enjoyed it a lot

That was AWESOME! Finally a well written android!

Review to come.


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