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Montana Creeds: Tyler

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Montana Creeds: Tyler - Plot & Excerpts

She’d been on his mind ever since they’d run into each other on the road, after his truck broke down, but there was more to it than that—a lot more.
    Maybe it was being alone at the cabin, with just Kit Carson for company—although, in truth, solitude had always been one of his favorite things in life. He was a loner for sure—more so than either of his brothers, and that was saying something.
    Maybe it was knowing only too well what it was like to be a kid like Davie McCullough—a player in a game of psychological dodgeball, always “it.” Never knowing which direction to jump, but always and forever ready to sidestep some missile.
    And maybe it was the brief time he’d spent with Dylan that day, reminding him that having brothers could be a good thing.
    For some people.
    People who weren’t Creeds, that is.
    In any case, he’d called Lily, without even stopping to think that she might be involved with some lucky bastard.

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